Bird Sighting in Jawai Rajasthan

Jawai Dam or known as Jawai bandh locally, is approximately 130KM from Udaipur which lies on way to Mount Abu, in Pali district. It is picaresque dam on river Jawai, which is a tributary to river Luni. Its popularly known among wildlife enthusiast as destination for spotting Indian leopard or Panther easily. But this is also interesting location for birding.

Jawai Dam area in Rajasthan is renowned for Migratory birds with Flamingos being the prime attraction. More than 100 bird species are found around the area with 50 of them being migratory and found during Winter (Oct – March).

Following birds may be seen usually:

1. Indian Eagle Owl
2. Indian Courser
3. Pallas Gull
4. Spot Billed Duck
5. Bar Headed geese
6. Indian Darter
7. Rudy Shelduck
8. Little Cormorant
9. Common Kestrel
10. Steppe Eagle
11. Short Toed Snake Eagle
12. Blue Rockthrush
13. Paddyfield Pipit
14. Blackwinged Stilt
15. White Tailed lapwing
16. Knob-billed Duck
17. Jungle Crow
18. Brown Shrike
19. Red vented Bulbul
20. Black Drongo
21. Common Pochard
22. Purple Heron
23. Grey Heron
24. Cattle Egret
25. Little Egret
26. Pond Heron
27. Little Stint
28. Little Ringed Plover
29. Red Wattled Lapwing
30. Northern Shoveller
31. Northern Pintail

Apart from birds, we also saw a Indian jackal, Mugger Crocodile can also be seen. Most probably, Jawai dam is best place to see a Indian Rock Eagle and Mugger Crocodile and best time is to visit jawai Dam is in winter.